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Website Created On 2003 To Talk About The Striking Of Bull-Dog Striker.

27 May 2023.

C.ia In English Language Means Co.

On 17 April 2022, Just In The Middle Of An Interesting Domain Name Study, Someone Sended a Fascist Protest To The Google Team For Spamming Of The Choiced Domain Names And I Suddenly Protested Canceling More Than 100 Blogs ... My Last Work As Webmaster, 27 April 2023 - 27 May 2023, 1 Month To Create 14 Websites: Original Domain Names, Titles, Original Contents, Photos And Html.

Domain Names Is Time Free, You Never Know How Much Time You Need, Photos Also Employ A Lot Of Time.















For What Reasons The Italian Fascists, Since 1945, Are Officially Declaring That The Fascism Do Not Exist Anymore Or Rather It Is Not Legal In Italy?

26 May 2023.


The History Of The First World War Should Be Correct Enough Less Than My Father Remained Alive. So Just The Russian Church Was Hiding Something And Maybe My Father Was Becoming a Priest Of The Russian Church. I Think That The Chief Of The Russian Church Was As a Brother For My Father And, Maybe, My Brother And I We Had The Historic Part To Rebuild That Strict Relation. The Description Of My Father Is That The French And Italians Putted Him In The Cage As A Turistic Attraction, Disneyland, The Public Zoo, etc ...

Italians And French Invented a Matter To Invade Themselves And The Other Countries With International Secrets And My Family Was Forced In This Range. In Italy Anastasia Romanov And After My Mother Were Used As Ostages To Be Sure That My Father Could Not Escape. So My Father Was Showing a Normal Life But In The Background He Cannot Escape From Italy Because Of Them.

After Gen. Hindenburg Knew That My Father Was Alive ... From Saint Tropez They Rapted Alexander Romanov From The Russian Church In Some Matter And Gave Him In Condition Of Arrest To The Italians.

Hindenburg Of Saint Tropez Are Not Romanov For Sure.

In Fact I Have Elements To Think They Used The Name Romanov. My Thesis Is That My Blond Girls Were Hindenburg From Saint Tropez And That They Were Refused Because Their Morphological Proportions Were Not Corresponding Respect To That One Shown From Me.

I Think That The Legend Is That The Hormonal Treatment Arrived Too Late And Because Of This Reason I Still Show a Good Part Of The Original Romanov Morphology.

The Morphological Prototype Seem To Be Alexander 3rd, So When They See I Was Arriving To Show 180cm They Became Very Angry with My Father And My Brother.

The Main Secret My Brother And I We Had To Comunicate Was The Strict Relation Between The Chief Of The Russian Church And My Father And Becoming Highest Than My Brother Also This Comunication Resulted Weakened.

Then It Seem That I Was Destined In Something To The Saint Tropez Number 2 And, At The Contrary, The Saint Tropez Number 2 Were Lower Than 180cm.

The Original Background.

The Fascist Party Could Be a Movement, As My Father Or The Africans, That Were Just Paid Each Month From Saint Tropez With Camuflage.

Every Dictator Shows To Be A Big Individualist To Hide The Monthly Payment Of Saint Tropez Is My Thesis.

The Parallel Economy.

The Dictator Just Has To Legalize And Stabilize The Parallel Economy Established From Saint Tropez.

1 Lira Against 0 Lire.

One Time That The Parallel Economy Is Established Saint Tropez Says That The Rest Of The Money Is Public That It Means The Money Is Of No One = 0, While His 1 Lira Is Private And Because Of This Reason Only Saint Tropez Can Open The Mouth And So Adquires An Intern Egemony.

Scrooge McDuck And Donald Duck.

The Secret: General Hindenburg Went To Saint Tropez With a Mountain Of Money Easily Made To Pay The Whole German Army For a While ...

25 May 2023.

The Joke I Did Today On The Road Was To Sing The Song Saint Tropez Of Peppino Di Capri With These Words ... A Saint Tropez Che Puzza Di Piedi Che C'e' ... That Means In Saint Tropez What Stinks Of Feet There Is ...

Into The Paradise Of The Son Of a Beach Of Mussolini.

You Have The Camuflage? Yes I Have ... I Don't Think Is Never Happened Italy And France Do The Simulation Of Teacher Of The 11 September 2001 to 120 Milions Of Italians And French, Normally, Everybody Knows, Correct, The Same Law Of Always, Without Scandals.

I Write In English Because Finally I Understood That I Represent USA In Europe From When I Born, The 4th Of July 1962 ... The Persons They Know Nothing You Secretly Can Do All What You Want.


B A Teacher, Beateacher + Auto Focus Canistan.

Who I Am? Francis Baracca ... The Italian Aviator Pro Who Teached The Pilots Of The 11 September 2001 As The Rest Of Italians. 60 Milions Of Italians Teaching To Fly To 1 Arab Or 2. Hello? 1 Teached Italians And One Teached French. Ah Ok ... 120 Milions Of Persons Teaching 2 Arabs ...

Bea Teached 2 Days, Laura Teached 2 Days, My Brother Teached 1 Week, I Teached ... 3 Weeks ...

Hello? You Teached Auto Focus Canistan Striker, Tully And Jubilant? Yes I Teached Them To Walk Straight In The Bulldog Show ...

So ... The French Teacher Runs In Italy While The Italian Teacher Runs In France ... The Italians Hunt The French Teacher In France ... While The French Are Hunting The Italian Teacher In Italy ... Until ... 46.000 After Christ?

That Is Worst Than The Arabs Because You Are Agree With The Arabs And Also You Know All The Secrets.

What To Do With Mussolini.

You Go To The Right = The Right ... Is Similar To An University With The Closed Number. They Kill You With The Teacher Of The 11 September 2001.

You Go To The Left = The Left ... They Kill Your Friends With The Teacher Of The 11 September 2001.

My Girlfriend Whose Name Was Bea Or Beatrich Could Understand The Fascist Project Of The Teacher Of The 11 September 2001 ...

In Fact The Teacher Of The 11 September 2001 Can Be a Man But Also Can Be a Man Dressed Like a Woman ... 120 Milions Of Italians And French ...

Italy Is The Country Of The Criminals, Everybody Knows, From Mussolini Until Today, From The North Pole To The South Pole.

In Italy Is Simply If You Are a Fascist Criminal You Remain Alive, Each Day Of The Mussolini Era ...


Phoenix Kentucky.

I Already Use Dublin With My New Blogs. Today To Register Me I Choice, In 1 Minute, The Names Phoenix Kentucky Without Looking For Alternatives.

Universal Camuflage.

The Opposition Of Mussolini Suddenly Was Arrested Because They Know That The Half Part Of Mussolini, The Secret Services, Were The Same Persons. They Changed Only The Faces Appeared On The Newspaper And The Rest Not Even One.

The Same Appears With Africans, The Last Historical Opposition. They Give a Bad Job To Each One And Desappear The Political Opposition

Blonde Women.

I Had Different Blonde Girlfriends From The First On 1977 ... I Falled In Love With a Blonde Austrian That Everybody Knows In Half Europe, More Than Any Other, Maybe. Because Of This Reason The Fascist Rule Indicates Male And Pedophilia And Not To Become a Woman.

If My Thesis Is Correct Because Of This Reason In Germany Mostly People Should Result Pedophils But Not Women As, At The Contrary, They Should Result In Italy, Spain, Orient Or South America.

The Historical Trio.

When You Will Die Will Remain Mancini Street And Saint Tropez.

Ceka Code Ch. Lifioi Perrutii 1960

My Duty Was To Gain The Metres Lost From My Brother And My Father During The Career.

Forbidden To Slow Down.

From 08.11.2020 I Just Know Accelerations.

Alexander Romanov Was Arrested By Fascists, Mussolini And Saint Tropez, That Were Hunting Every Kind Of International Secret ... Probably Dreaming Europe, Russia, China And USA ...

Importance Of The Universal Camuflage 1945:

Example My Father From 1920 Until 1945 Was Telling Around That Mussolini Was Such an International Bandit, The Same Was Telling The Mariscal Laulett Living At The Upper Floor Of Mine ... With The Universal Camuflage They Became Carabineiros And Were Sended In Sicily To Fight The Giulian Bandit.

Ajaccio, The Descending Parable Of Mussolini

My Strongest Acceleratione Are Remained The Universitarian Ones, The Last 100 Hours Before The Exam.

The Air Force Thesis 08.11.2020.

The First Television Billboard 55 Inches I Did Was Reporting The French Italian Air Force Thesis.

On 08 November 2020 I Suddenly Pubblished That My Brother Was Been Changed As An Italian Air Force Soldier With A Past Accident Of The Eyes. Even I Published Thesis About The Italian Air Force Cannibalism, Talking About The Different Uniforms Multi Nation That The Chief Of Italian Air Force Was Keeping In A Closed Wardrobe Inside The Italian Air Force Central That I Was Seeing In My Visions, etc ...

So I Developed An Organic French Italian Air Force Thesis, With Italy Conducted By Milan, Milan Conducted By Ajaccio And Ajaccio Conducted By Marseille Until 27 December 2020, When I Started To Test Other Thesis To Involve In The Same Question Also The USA Until The 21th Of March 2023, When I Pubblished An Organic Saint Tropez Jet Set Thesis.

My Name Is Saint Tropez, My Suggestion Is ... You Are No One Or Maybe Condamned For Something ... I Put You Up, I Let You Go In The History, Just Have To Do All The Crimes I Tell You, Then When You Will Die I Will Continue Alone ...

Fascism The Empty Movement.

Who Is Benito Mussolini.

For Some Reason ... To Go In The Books Of History With Camuflage ... Selling Italy To France With The Mathematic System.

The Fascist Crime Is Done By Mussolini And Saint Tropez ... Then Mussolini Dies ..., But Don' t Die Saint Tropez This Is The Strategy ...

Mussolini Had Just The Duty To Full Each Italian Of Fascist Crimes. For Example Mussolini Was Paid To Do 20 Milions Of Victims In Every Matter But Always Under The Fascist Flag ... Then, When The Mussolini Period Arrives To End, Saint Tropez Can Says That He Has 20 Milions Of Italians Covered With Their Fascist Crimes And Persecute Them, Their Sons And Their Grandson as They Are Doing.

Mussolini Was Not Supported In The Countries.

The Promoters Of Fascism Are Talking About Exclusions And Exclusivity, About Places To Empty Because There Are Too Much Persons And So They Are Talking About The Centre Of The Town. Because Of This Reason The Followers Of Mussolini Were Living In Crowded Places Such As Milan Or Saint Tropez And Not In The Country. So In The South Of Italy, I Think, He Had Some Supporter Just In Naple, Palerm And Bar.

Fascism Developed In Milan And Was Popular Mostly In The North Of Italy, After With The Universal Camuflage 1945 They Started To Show That Mussolini Is Popular Mostly In The South Of Italy.

My Real English Language Scenario.

The Boycotted, Pheon Zed Garish, Sioux Billy Posting, Catapult Aylon Wetts, Nylon McCoy, Gordon Speckcotton.

As I Born My Father Bought, At The Same Time, The Red Cover English Course And The Blue Cover French Course In 30 Lessons In 45 rpm Records Format.

From January 1976 Until May 1976 I Did The Wall Street Institute Course Of 51 Lessons In Tapes Format.

I Got 6 As The Secondary Matter On 17 Of July 1982, During The Oral Session, In The English Language Exam At The Upper Secondary Schools.

That One Talking In English Language, Instead, Writing In English Language, I Got Passed Or Approved Al The First Try, In The English Language Exam At The Faculty Of Psychology In Padua.

As A Children I Was Going, Toghether With My Father And My Brother, To The English Language Cinema Angelicum Of Milan, In Moscova Street, Half Distance Between The Care Station And The Police Station, To Learn English With The Original Version.


One Book About The Background Of Fascism.

Into The Traditional Garish Scenario.

I Am Talking From Milan Guernica, Also Called, In The Past, Milan Stalingrad Ezio Biondi Street, The Garish Scenario Of The Fascist War, Maybe The Only Place Bombed With At Least One Fascist Crime In Each Small Street.


Thu 25 May 2023

Wed 24 May 2023

When Someone Knows My Brother Then Is Difficult To Talk With Anybody Else ... I Had The Best Teacher Of All Times.

Mussolini Thinks To Be Ch. Merriveen Son Of Satan ... Really? Really ...

I Already Published The Thesis Of The Importance Of The Universal Camuflage 1945.

Thickening Strategies ( Infoltiment ): Metropolitan Ideologists Emptying Countries.

21.07.2008 = Kabul Autofocus Canistan.

Striker Afganistan ... Because Afganistan Means A Dog Good To Make Photos ... Really? Yes Autofocus Canistan.

The White Cleaned Face Of Fascism.

Mussolini Imprisoned My Father Alexander Romanov And We Are Still In Prison What Does It Mean?

Mussolini White Cleaned Dreaming USA.

Maybe The Opposition 1920 - 1940 Had To Say We Are Mussolini To Survive While Mussolini, White Cheaned, Went To The Centre, To The Left And To The USA ...

Those Persons Who Were Imprisoned By Mussolini, As The Romanov Family, In 1945, In 1946, In 1947 Were Still In Jail And So They Knew Many Things ... For Example That They Had Done Everything For Misdirection And To Invade The USA And Other Countries with Big Secrets

I Discovered B. Mussolini Was A Satan Believer. I Was Researching Satan, Everywhere, And Not Political Questions ... I Discovered Satan On 21 March 2023 In Pablo Neruda Street In Saint Tropez And I Discovered Satan On 07 May 2023 In Mancini Street In Milan.


While I Am Waiting To Understand What Happens Bringing The Telephone +39-3899632357 Of My Brother Back With Me ... Jeff Back, Billy Dolls And Jeremy Bender, Maybe, For Some Reason Connected With CIA Yreka California Refused For A Genuine Personal Creation. My Original, First Pubblication, Anti Spam Studio Of Names Developed On April And May 2023: I Told Zed Garish, Sioux Billy Posting, Aylon Wetts, Nylon McCoy And Gordon Speckcotton And Nobody Else.

Tuesday 23 May 2023.

I Am Working Very Hardly As Webmaster From 10 September 2022 And Still More From 01 January 2023 So I Could Wonder For The writing Results On 2023.

Robust Sturdy Milan

The Bismark Thesis.

In Fact I Think That The Fascists, Around 1970, Gathered In Milan The Opposition And This Demonstrates The Structural Fascism Of Milan Capable of Outstanding All Weather Conditions.

Do You Like The Satanioska ...?

Come To Italy To Visit Satan!!!

Send Your Nice Postcard With Satan From Italy!!!

You Met Satan? No I Didn't Meet It ... You Were In Milan? No I Was ...

When You Leave? Tomorrow ... I Hope You Will Meet Satan ... Me Too I' M Bringing With Me The Videocamera ...

21.07.2008: Tuffnuts Snow Angel II Similar To Ch. Merriveen Son Of Satan

Hello? Satan Asks If You Can Call Him Belzebu'? Beelzebub?

MSI = Mussolini The Italian Beelzebub.

Everybody Knows That The Cradle Of Fascism Are Italy And Nice In France ..., But They Don't Know That The Fascism Is Beelzebub.

Vade Retro Beelzebub!!!

Why Never Nobody Told Me Nothing? Italy Mancini Street 07.05.2023: Because I Leave The Butchery In The Same Day.

TIF The Intransigent Fascism.

The Fascist Pliers.

Live and Don't Let Live

Frederick From Montefeltre Thesis.

Fascism Likes To Offer His Best Face, Usually The Left Or Popular Side Of Fascism ...

8 Web Domains Anti Spam Selected From 22 April 2023 To 22 May 2023

Saint Tropez 21.03.2023 - Milan 07.05.2023.

1) https://boicottata.blogspot.com/ 15 May 2023 h22.46

2) https://attacchinata.blogspot.com/ 15 May 2023 h23

3) https://aylon-wetts.blogspot.com/ 22.4.2023h_10Rome

4) https://sioux-billposting.blogspot.com

5) https://theboycotted.blogspot.com 16 May 2023h00.42

6) https://zedgarish.blogspot.com/

7) https://gordon-speckcotton.blogspot.com/ On Line13 may 2923 x

8) https://nylon-mccoy.blogspot.com/ - On Line 30Apr2023h5 x

Jeff Back, Billy Dolls And Jeremy Bender Represent The Simple Choice, As Every Webmaster I Still Don't Know Exactly Which One Could Be The More Original Domain ...

Speckcotton Represents The Intuitive Study Around April 2021 But I Didn't Know Enough To Trust It Longer And On June 2021 I Choiced To Close That Domains, Also Zed Garish And Aylon Wetts Were Intuitive Domains, Billy Posting And The Boycotted I Selected Thinking About The Main Themes ..., McCoy Was An Intuitive Invenction Published From September 2022 ...

The Day After ... I Like Zed Garish Because Is Very Nice The Matter In Which Emerges Edgard Allan Poe.

The Day After ... I Like Aylon Wetts Because Of ... I Love TS.

And So On For Each Domain ...

Monday 22 May 2023.

New Name Zed Garish.

Your Crime Means That You Could Understand That Crime.

Simulation Of Pedophile Means Past Relation With a Blonde Woman Means She Results Victim Of Pedophile.

Sexual Violence.

Blond Women Are Involved In a Different Sexual Journey.

Blond Woman Victim Of Pedophilia.

Maybe Happens Because The Blond Women Have To Tell They Were Victims Of Sexual Violence And Because Of This Reason The Walk In A Different Way Or Because They Walk In A Different Way They Have To Justify This Fact As Victims Of Sexual Violence.

The Romanov Intellectual Egemony.

Clever Animal.

Before Of Us The Most Clever Of ... Was Judged My Father ... After CIA Told That My Brother Tony Could Be The Most Clever Of ... And Me In The Second Position Since ...

Genial Marijuana Or Sexual Crimes: Feet Saint Tropez.

Marijuana Results To Be a Very Good Camuflage, Similar To The Hospital Sexual Crime, For The Bad Smell Of Foot Saint Tropez During The Recoveries Or The Stages In The Hospitals.

To Camuflage The Smell Of Foot Saint Tropez They Use The Marijuana Or Sexual Crimes Or Both, For Sure In The Hospitals, I Think So.

Even CIA Offers Marijuana As a World Wide Method To Fight The Genial Qualities. The People With More Than 100/100 In The Cleverness Test Are Involved, Because Of Some Reason, To Test Or Smoke Marijuana.

Sanitary Secret Killing: 3rd Stage Or Recovery.

The Sanitary Secret Killing, In The Garish Fascism Of Milan, Happens, As A Rule, During The Third Lifetime Stage Or Recovery In Some Hospital.

To Comunicate In That Fascist Crime Are Involved Both, Milan And Saint Tropez, CIA Uses The Number Three.

Sunday 21 May 2023.

Strategic Fascism or Viral Fascism.

If You Travel From Milan, Milan Will Be Asking To Every Place To Cover The Fact That Milan Is The Worst Fascist Place Of The World.

The Big Testigo Syndrom.

Example: Milan People Go To Spend a Period In Rome, In Few Days Or Hours They Could Document Some Fascist Crime In Rome.

Fascism Too Much 1920 - 2023.

Too Much + D = Todo Macho.

What I Learned Since 21 Of July 2008 Is That Fascism Means To Don't Have Not Even Half Woman, But Only Power And Money ...

Fascism Over The Hedge.

You Are Agree To Empty Europe Or You Are Not Agree To Empty Europe This Is The Fascism 1920 - 2023, But Fascists Never Told To Us. Because Of This Reason There Are Not Guilties But Only Wrong Numbers ... Too Much Here And Too Much There, Too Much Upstairs And Too Much Downstairs, Too Much During The Day And Too Much During The Night, Too Much In The Town And Too Much In The Beach, Too Much In Prison And Too Much In The Hospital, Too Much Deputies And Too Much Ministers, Too Much Parties, Too Much Breeders, Too Much Lawiers And Too Much Psychologists.

Because Of My Study, In This Question, Too Much Everything And Everywhere, Milan And Saint Tropez Are The Highest Expression All Over The World All Along The Last Century.

Aylon-Wetts-Welcome18may2023z43.gif Aylon-Wetts18May2023z31.gif We Should Be On by Now. For Dreaming. Breaking-News-Monday-02April2023.gif Breaking-News-18May2023z31.gif Breaking-News-Monday08May2023.gif Aylon-Wetts-Presentation-2023-05-18z35.gif

Here Is CIA N.2 Godfrey Lucescu Of Mancini Street Menacing Me On September 2009.

The Iced Stop Is My Most Famous Shot That I Did With Every Flipper Since 1976.

Film Dracula = The Tomb Of Arnold Mohr Of The Monumental Cemetery Thesis

80 Points In 210 Seconds and Not 1 Shot With The Other Hand.

AC/DC T.N.T Dynamite
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Dog Owners And Fascism.

French Dog = Rattlesnake, Italian Dog = Rattlesnake, Stranger Dog In Italy Or France = Rattlesnake.

Anyway In This Moment, Without Studies, The More Unlucky Choice Appears To Be The Dog Owner Of A German Dog Breed, Sat 20 May 2023 h20 Of Dublin.

Look There: The Couple Of Rattlesnakes.

Their Duty Is To Empty Europe.

We Know Nothing But There Is Someone Working To Empty Europe, Yestarday, Today And Tomorrow ...

I Warn You Italy And France React As a Rattlesnake, On Each Contact, As a Method To Win.

Fascism: We Were Rapted In The Criminal + Slavish Country.

Fascism: If You See a Nice Woman Married With One Monster You Don't Have To Ask Where Are You Coming From ...

Fascism: I Never Talked The Language Of Slavery, Never, In My Memory, Not 1 Time.

Fascist One Told So: My Brother And I, Because Of Our Russian Identity, Both, We Cannot Do The Italian Militar Service. Better ..., But After, The Italian Century Criminals, To Justify This Fact, Transform Us Into All The Militar Articles That Denied The Possibility To Do The Militar Service Less Than The Truth.

I Think They Wanted To Involve Me In The Historic Rebus And Because Of This Reason There Were The Possibility We Adfirm Us As Direct Descendants Of The Tsar Nicholas II And So Was Better, For Both, To Evite The Italian Militar Service.

Kleptomaniac And Pyromaniac.

Fascists Prefered To Invent Women, CIA Agent, Both Already Dead, Both Desappeared, Blinds, Crazy, Homosexual, Eroin, Metadone, Famous Killers, Arabs, Africans, Red Brigades, Al Kaida, ETA, Aldous Moro, Now I Remember They Both Did The Station Of Bolonia Just At 18 Years Old, This Is The Best Lie We Can Tell To Justify The Lack Of The Italian Militar Service, etc ... Than To Say, Simply, ... Romanov.

You Are Looking For a Good Name To Crime? I Let These Good Names: Chuck Berry, Billy Dolls And Jeremy Bender. But You Have To Move Fast, Fast, Faster: Fascists + Saint Tropez + Her.

I Think They Are Good Names, At The Contrary Sioux Billy Posting, Gordon Speckcotton, Aylon Wetts, Nylon McCoy Are The Firsy Names I Like To Tell.

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title: Romanov Rapted By Fascists. Criminal Band Got The Power In Italy And France. Bull-Dog, Bull-Dogs, Bull Dog, Bull Dogs. In Rimini I Found The Secret Services, Breaking-News By Sioux Billy Posting, Gordon-Speckcotton, Aylon-Wetts, Nylon-McCoy As The Four of the Hail Mary, Extracted From The Film Western Ace High, With Eli Wallach As Cacopoulos.

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