Cambridge Bull Summary Chapter 15!!!

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The Bulldog Breed is a whole of dogs with shared abilities that are differents from the other group of dogs, distinctive of the Bulldog Breed. Bulldog is a name of a Breed originated in UK. Bulldog is also the National Symbol of the Britanic Islands. The definition of the Bulldog Breed belong from its ancient History, meaning the whole of dogs with the ability, specific of the breed, in the Sport of Bull-Baiting. The meaning of this definition is the courage. While the aggressivity in an ability of other wholes of dogs, the Terriers, specific to hunt rats or to fight between dogs. Bulldog means courage and Terrier means aggressivity. The Bulldog is described for the first time in England as a dog able to attract the interest of the Aristocratic Class, Kings, Queens and Writers because of its courage. Between them the Queen Elizabeth the First and William Shakespeare. The Bulldog is a Dog with a strong Body of compact forms respect to the other Dog Breeds. Bulldog Hypertype means a Dog with strong Body and hypercompact forms, that is with shortest Legs, shortest Trunk, shortest Neck and shortest Head. Today's Bulldog maintains its definition of courageous dog becoming the representative of different Sport Teams. The Official Bulldog Standard of the F.C.I. is enacted by the English Kennel Club.


Cambridge Bull Summary Chapter 15!!!

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