bulldog, i capostipiti della razza bulldog,rosa e crib.Bulldog: Rosa e Crib di Samuel Raven, secondo alcune fonti attribuito ad Abraham Cooper. Rosa and Crib, 1817, by Samuel Raven, a follower of Abraham Cooper.Bulldog Tuffnuts: the original pure breed bulldog really similar to Rosa.Rosa, the prototype of the Bulldog is perfectly similar to Tuffnuts, 2007,the Original Pure Breed Bulldog breeded by The Bulldog International Research Center. This painting of Rosa, an italian name, was included into the English Bulldog Breed Standard.

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Tuffnuts Snow Angel Tully.

....Bulldog Pure Breed Tully ..Bulldog Purebreed Tully

Tuffnuts Snow Angel Tuffnuts, Tuffnuts - Ocobo 100% english bloodlines, born in Milano on the 30th of November 2004, direct descendant of Rosa:

Original Bulldog and London Bulldog, 1910. The Original Pure Breed Bulldog Tuffnuts Bulldog Pure Breed, Head Bulldog Pure Breed, Mouth bulldog purebred tuffnuts:side headbulldog purebred driving the car bulldog purebred: front bulldog purebred with closed eyes bulldog purebred: in the car bulldog purebred: window filter bulldog purebred:side view bulldog breeder bulldog front view bulldog hungry bulldog breeders bulldog head front view bulldog head right side the original purebred bulldogs Tuffnuts and Tully.The bulldog head,right sideThe legendary Mr. Les Thorpe with Mrs. Brenda Price and Mrs.Carole Newman, judging. bulldog puppies bulldog puppy head bulldog, i capostipiti della razza bulldog,rosa e cribBulldog Tuffnuts: the original pure breed bulldog really similar to Rosa. the bulldogs bulldog pure breed tuffnuts snow angel tuffnuts the bulldog and the breeder bulldog:the original pure breed bulldogs the original purebred bulldog tuffnuts, tuffnuts ocobo bloodline, daughter of tuffnuts snow angel snow angel with tuffnuts snow angel striker bulldog tuffnuts snow angel, breeded by mrs. and mr. thorpe,owner allevamento Tuffnuts Snow Angel the grandmother bulldog ch. ocobo pearly boy, breeded by mr. davis, owner allevamento Villa Eden,the grandfather mr. michele abbondandolo, psychologist, with tuffnuts snow angel tuffnuts, the breeder with the bulldog

bulldog winston, tuffnuts ocobo bloodline, son of tuffnuts snow angel snow angel with tuffnuts snow angel striker, headbulldog winston, the jumper, brother of tuffnuts snow angel tuffnuts, playing with the breederBulldogs jumpingbulldog winston, tuffnuts-ocobo, walking lovelybulldog winston moves very wellbulldog winston , tuffnuts ocobo, huntingbulldog winston with the grandmother tuffnuts snow angel

The Original Purebred Bulldog

Bulldog; the Original Pure Breed Bulldog Tully, son of Tuffnuts Snow Angel, born in Milano on 9th of Octuber 2000, was still breeded in the Lincolnshire, UK.