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The Secrets of the Anarchists 1918 intro.gif 2018-May-06-Welcome-Site.gif The almost secret Anarchist Revolution on 1918: Romanov Hessen Rhein is an anarchist invenction. michele-abbondandolo-milano-29-10-2015.gif michele-abbondandolo-milano-foto-30-10-2015.gif 2018-05-25-Campagna-Popolare-Anarchia-1918.gif 2018-05-25-Anarchists-Controlled.gif Problems with Anarchists? ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah prrrr sssssssss ah ah ah pssssss ah ah ah clop clop clop ah ah ah ah Bulldog-Winstono Bulldog-Winstono10o Bulldog-Winstono10o 2018-02-02Foto-di-Famiglia 2018-May-06-Address-TBIRHC.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Romanov-non-esiste.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Transessualismo-CEKA-CIA-KBG.gif 2018-05-22_Unconstitutional-is-69-Anarchy.gif 2018-05-21-Smiling-CEKA_CIA_KBG.gif 2018-May-06-History-1918-2018.gif 2018-05-15_Intrusioni-Acustiche.gif 2018-05-20-Tuffnuts-Ocobo.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Anarchist-Sheet-Party.gif 2018-05-20-Tisonore-tegli-Anarchici.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Corona-Russa.gif 2018-05-18-Merda-Anarchici-69.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Roman-Empire.gif 2018-05-15-CEKA-Lafo-Pene.gif 2018-05-15-CEKA-Lavaggio-Cervelli.gif 2018-Maggio-06Logo-TBIRHC.jpg 2018-05-05_Logo-TBIRHC.gif 2018-05-15Piemontese-Stangona-170cm.gif 2018-05-15-Anarchia-CEKA.gif 2018-05-15Semplicemente-CEKA.gif 2018-02-02Benvenuti-nel-Sito.gif 2017-10-05-Snow-Angel-Bulldogs 2017-08-08Zar-Ivan-Logo 2017-08-15-Zar-Biologico 2018-05-15-Merta-tegli-Anarchici.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Omicidii-Anarchici.gif 2018-Maggio-06Rivoluzione-1918.gif 2018-Maggio-06Michele-della-Steppa.gif 2018-05-05_Michele_tella_Steppa.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Tesi-Anarchica.gif 2018-01-25Spaziatori-3D.jpg 2018-01-19Bulldog-International-Research-Center 2018-Maggio-06-Tra-CIA-e-KBG.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Roman-Empire.gif 2018-05-05_foclio.gif 2018-04-25AIS-Spartacus.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Targhe-Regionali.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Targa-Regionale.gif 2018-Maggio-06-The-New-Roman-Empire.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Tesi-Safoia.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Cartina-Topocrafica-Recionale.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Tepistaccio.gif 2018-Maggio-06-Tesi-Psico-Geo.gif 2018-02-02Tesi-Geografica-Regionale.gif Zar Biologico La Presa in Giro di Caput Munti.
Io Piemontese ah ah ah ah ah, 
mi sono divertito. Crib alla Rinascente di Milano. 2018-Maggio-06Crib-Snow-Angel-Bulldogs.gif Zar Biologico. 2018-Maggio-06-Prese-in-Ciro.gif



The name Romanov an anarchist invenction
I am the Grandson of Tsar Nicola II
I represent the Unconstitutional Worldwide Record, toghether with Anastasia of Russia, of the Anarchist Persecution, because of our face. Wanted by anarchy: My Face and that one of Anastasia of Russia. micheleabbondandolo-dicembre2013luglio2014.gif micheleabbondandolo-febbraio2014.jpg micheleabbondandoloneldicembre2013.jpg micheleabbondandolo_allevatore.jpg micheleabbondandolo8luglio2014.jpg micheleabbondandolo-luglio2014.jpg micheleabbondandolo.jpg micheleabbondandolo-aprile2014.jpg micheleabbondandolo-28febbraio2014-6.jpg micheleabbondandolo-28febbraio2014-5.jpg micheleabbondandolo-28febbraio2014-4.jpg micheleabbondandolo-28febbraio2014-3.jpg micheleabbondandolo-28febbraio2014-2.jpg micheleabbondandolo-28febbraio2014-1.jpg michele-abbondandolo-aprile2014.jpg The Worldwide Record of Unconstitutional Abuses and Smiles, toghether with Anastasia of Russia. Don't' think about it, every Question 1918/2018, only one answer: Italian Anarchists.

Romanov Hessen Rhein.

Il Nome e' denso di doppi significati.

The Research about the truth of Bulldog Breed by The Bulldog International Research Center started on 1996 with Tuffnuts Snow Angel the dog of Mr. Les Thorpe, Secretary and President of the British Bulldog Club, I think the best English Bulldog Breeder. The work of The Bulldog International Research Center started maintaining as departure this hypothesis of work. Because of this reason the studies conducted by The Bulldog International Research Center about the Bulldog Breed could be considered as a travel inside the Tuffunuts Breeding. I founded out an unbelievable work done by Mr. Les Thorpe during 50 years and I just tried to don't lose it without missing the opportunity to have the best Bulldogs all over the world, the Tuffnuts Bulldogs. In fact the Affix of The Bulldog International Research Center is Tuffnuts Snow Angel.
The Bulldog Club Incorporated founded on 1875,
The London Bulldog Society on 1891,
The British Bulldog Club on 1892,
The Bulldog Breed Council on 1893
The Manchester and Counties Bulldog Club on 1897
. With Tuffnuts Bulldogs every day the Bulldog Breeder discovers interesting things about the Bulldog Breed unknown to the other Kennels. So the merit of the dogs represented in the pictures of this site is due to 50 years of trhe best work by Mr. Les Thorpe. The only problem the Breeder has breeding Tuffnuts Bulldogs is the envy. Resuming the research of The Bulldog International Research Center, more than anything, is a research to find out 50 years of work by Mr. Les Thorpe.

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