Cambridge Bull Summary Chapter 1!!!

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Mostly studies belong the Bulldog from the ancient Roman Dogs crossed in England with Britannic Dogs. The first description of the modern Bulldog started in the 13th century. The Bulldog appeared in a letter written in 1632. In that period Bull-baiting gave popularity to Bulldogs because of its qualities defeating Bulls in the English Arenas. Near to extinction, in 1835, an English Act stopped forever the fights between Dogs and Bulls. Until that age Bulldogs were mostly property of the Aristocratic Class and were bred to give Prestige and Popularity. The Victorian Age, the Industrial Revolution, the Breed Standard, the Bulldog Clubs and the Expo changed Bulldogs into a Show Dog bred by Breeders. Britannic Empire had a tradition to bring in the country from the farest lands every kind of strange animals for Shows and in the English Houses. Amazing Animals arrived in England and, maybe, because of this reason also Bulldogs became Dogs with an impressive Aspect named Hypertype. The Size of the Bulldog's Head and the Proportion of the Head respect to the Body became the Rule to win in the Bulldog's Show. The first Bulldog Clubs were The Bulldog Club Incorporated founded on 1875, The London Bulldog Society on 1891, The British Bulldog Club on 1892, The Bulldog Breed Council on 1893 and The Manchester and Counties Bulldog Club on 1897!!! The Official Standard is emanated by the English Kennel Club. From the last years of the 19th century there were two types of Bulldog, the low one with a big head and the traditional Bulldog that maintained the capability to move and breath. In the cities the Hypertype was preferred to live in small or normal habitats while in the countries was still bred the Traditional Bulldog. The Bulldog's Standard is closer to the Traditional Bulldog while in the Expo the winner became the amazing Bulldog bred for Shows. But the Bulldog's Standard written by Philo Kuon describes the Original Bulldog who move and breath enough well. Because of this reason the Bulldog Champions started to be, until today, far enough from the Standard Description. The most famous Bulldogs of the last century were Peter Beautifull and Allithorne Resolution. The first one became the ideal progestor of the Bulldog Females and the second became the ideal progestor of the Bulldog Males. Strictly belonging from two different Bulldogs the Bulldog Breed is considered to be that one who maintains the higher difference between Females and Males both in Behaviour as in the Aspect. Bulldog Females are Beauty and good Guardian Dogs maintaining the peculiar qualities of Peter Beautiful. The daughter of Peter Beautifull was crossed with Allithorne Resolution founding the Breed as we know in the contemporary times. The Bulldog History became from that moment the History of the different Bulldog Bloodlines, that one who won in the English Shows. Between the most famous English Bloodlines are situated that one who gave birth to The Bulldog International Reserch Center Selection such as Tuffnuts Bloodline and Ocobo Bloodline. Tuffnuts Snow Angel was the first Dog of The Bulldog International Reserch Center on 1996 and was crossed with Ch. Ocobo Pearly Boy on August 7, 2000 giving birth on Octuber 9, 2000 to Tuffnuts Snow Angel Snow Angel, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Polly Flinders, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Striker, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Tully, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Jubilant and Tuffnuts Snow Angel Living Legend. All the Bulldogs of The Bulldog International Reserch Center are direct descendants of these unforgettable Champions.


Cambridge Bull Summary Chapter 1!!!

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