Cambridge Bull Summary Chapter 14!!!

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In 1880, in the reign of Queen Victoria, were a religious discussion between the Utility of A Guard Dog And The companion Dog For Bulldog Owners!!! So In 1890 the initiative in the Bulldog Breed Program missions was taken, by The Breeding Of a Companion Dog with An Aspect Of Guard Dog The Same As Peter Beatifull, Striker I, Striker II Or Allithorne Resolution, Tully I, Tully III With A Well Blended Personality With The Owner!!!


Cambridge Bull Summary Chapter 14!!!

Chapters: Habitat, Care, Groom, Health, Merits, Descriptive Passages, Summary, Breed, News Items, Researches, Site Map!!! Correzione Ortografica Venerdi' 27 Marzo 2020!!! - Grafica/Contenuti: Dott. M. Abbondandolo - t. 39-3427584492, Milano, Mercoledi' 11 Dicembre 2019, Arrivederci!!!