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Standard Dogue Brasileiro

Brasilian Mastiff

Standard Dogue Brasileiro, Standard Brasilian Mastiff, Storia e Caratteristiche del Dogue Brasileiro, Descrizione, Selezione, Notizie

Brazilian Dogue

Dogue Brasileiro

The Dogue Brasileiro was started in the 1980's in Brazil. It is comprised of the Bull Terrier and the Boxer. In Brazil people take them in their cars for protection. The Dogue Brasileiro has a physique that gives off an impression of agility and strength. Their bodies are well-muscled, long, and marked, and their bones are very strong. Their strong, arched neck is of medium length, and their shoulders are brawny and powerful. They have thick skin that is relatively loose and a dense, glossy, short-haired coat. The coat color of this breed varies greatly. The Dogue Brasileiro is docile, courageous, and makes an excellent guard dog and watchdog. They are obedient, loyal, and get along very well with children. They are even-tempered and consistently aim to please. While they are not unnecessarily aggressive, they will attack if an honest threat is detected. They are not dog aggressive, but because of the Bull Terrier blood, they shouldn’t be completely trusted to get along with all other dogs. They are a comparatively easy breed to obedience train. There are no reported health concerns or issues for the Dogue Brasileiro. They typically live for 12 to 13 years. The Dogue Brasileiro has a short-haired coat that is easy to groom and maintain. The coat should be brushed occasionally with a firm bristle brush. This breed is a moderate shedder. The Dogue Brasileiro is content to live in a small household or apartment if it receives sufficient daily exercise. They are a fairly active breed indoors, and they are happiest with at least a medium-sized yard. They are athletic and require a large amount of daily physical activity.

Video Dogue Brasileiro

Brazilian Mastiff