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The First Bulldog who became Champion was King Dick by J. Lamphier born on 1858. Crib was a descendant of King Dick considered close to the perfection. Describing these Dogs Philo Kuon wrote the First Standard of a Dog Breed on 1864.
The Bulldog Club Incorporated founded on 1875,
The London Bulldog Society on 1891,
The British Bulldog Club on 1892,
The Bulldog Breed Council on 1893
The Manchester and Counties Bulldog Club on 1897
The first AKC Champion was Robinson Crusoe, on 1888. Ch. Ocobo Tully a progenitor of my Bulldogs won three times the Bulldog of the Year. The 4 English Dogs that originated The Bulldog International Research Center Genealogy are Tuffnuts Striker, Lynmans Living Legend, Ocobo Tully, Britishpride Power'n Glory. The first cross of The Bulldog International Research Center was between Tuffnuts Snow Angel ( Tuffnuts Striker, Lynmans Living Legend ) and Ocobo Pearly Boy ( Ocobo Tully, Britishpride Power'n Glory ) on August, 7 2000 giving birth to Snow Angel, Polly Flinders, Striker, Tully, Living Legend and Jubilant.

The first cross of The Bulldog International Research Center was between Tuffnuts Snow Angel ( Tuffnuts Striker, Lynmans Living Legend ) and Ocobo Pearly Boy ( Ocobo Tully, Britishpride Power'n Glory ) on August, 7 2000!!!

Giving birth to Snow Angel, Polly Flinders, Striker, Tully, Living Legend and Jubilant!!!

Bull-dog's Description!!!
  • The Meaning of the Bulldog's Name belong from his ancient past in Sports with Bulls. A British Act on 1835 stopped the use of dogs in these kinds of Sport. Anyway, the extinction of the Bulldog was already described on 1820 when just few Bulldogs were remained in England. The cross of the last Bulldogs with other Dog Breeds by Bulldog Breeders such as Mastiffs and Pugs gave the modern aspect. Before of that time the Bulldog was Breeded by Aristocratic Class and also if the Popularity is due to the Sport with Bulls because of few Bulldogs bred for this Sport the Bulldog had mostly refined Characteristics as dog of rich people and was really well bred. Just after the 1850 the Bulldog was used as a Guardian Dog or as an Utility Dog. The Bulldog became massive and compact after that date because of the crossed Breeds, Mastiff and Pugs. After 1830 the Selection of the breed became less professional addressed by Bulldog Breeders than before when was addressed for personal purposes by Aristocratic Class. At the contrary of what we think reading about Bulldogs. The Bulldog's Structure became too heavy, named Hypertype, respect to his Size, blending the Bones of Mastiffs inside the little Pugs. Today the Diffusion of the Bulldog Breed is mostly due to his popularity but is a Characteristic just of the Countries with English Language, even in England the number of Bulldogs is not high. The Bulldog Popularity belong more from his use as a Mascotte or Symbol that because of their number. The Bulldog is now a good Dog for Small of Normal Flats in Town and don't need to stay a long time taking the daily ride. The Bulldog price by Bulldog Breeders is today similar to that of the other Dog Breeds!!!
  • Characteristics

    The Bulldog is a very Characteristic Dog. The Gait and after the Head differentiate the Bulldog from every other Dog Breed. The Gait differentiate the Bulldog more than every other Characteristic, because of this reason the Gait in the Bulldog is to be estimated in the Dog Expos more than any other Characteristic. The Characteristics of the Dog Breeds are the qualities that differentiate the Breed from the other Dog Breeds. In the Bulldog Breed the Gait, Soundness of movement, is of the utmost importance. After the Gait that is the expression of the correct General Appearance is of the utmost importance the Head because also the Head differentiate the Bulldog from the other Dog Breeds to a lesser extent of the Gait!!!

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    So, in the Bulldog Expos the Gait merit the maximum consideration toghether with the Head.The other Characteristics of the Bulldog Breed are a consequence of the two primary Characteristics. The Primary Characteristics of the Bulldog Breed are related and have to fit for the Bulldog Function as a part of the Group of Utility Dog in the English Classification. The Bulldog is originary of England!!!

    • Bulldogs are good natured Dogs. The main Features of Bulldogs include, respect to the other Dog Breeds, a Big Head and a Strong Body with a Sound Costitution. My Studies about the Bulldog History are in disagreement with the Fact that the Original UK Bulldogs were bad-tempered Dogs. The foreigner Bulldog Breeders introduce this falsehood to bring discredit over the the best selections that were, surely, done in UK, talking without specific studies over the argument. At the contrary the best UK Bulldog Breeders did efforts to preserve the ancient selections from extinction, demonstrating that who knows is not agree with this opinion. The last selections described of the ancient Bulldogs were that one of the Duke of Hamilton part of a period in which dogs were playing a leading role in the society. The Bulldog Breeders as The Bulldog International Research Center that bred both types of Bulldogs get from direct experience, Bulldog Breeders that never show to be able to select both Bulldogs say "the other type of Bulldog I've been not able to select is a bad-tempered dog". Original Bulldog bred in UK got the title to be the best dog of the World and kept the title for more than one century. Today's Bulldog lost this title. Anyway I don' t want to generalize what is an individual nature, and in the same matter I cannot be agree with the Bulldog Breeders that generalize that the ancient Bulldog was a bad-tempered Dog. If we have to make a comparison the truth is that the ancient Bulldog was crossed to give birth to many Dog Breeds.

    The Bulldog Breed!!!

    The Bulldog Breed was an ancient Dog Breed originally derived from the cross between English Dogs with Roman Dogs. The Breed Characteristics are well known: a compact, strong body with a big head!!!

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    Bulldog Breeds is the name of the Dog Breeds derived from the English Bulldog. The best Bulldog Breeders are located in England. The Bulldog International Research Center is a Bulldog Breeding with a strict English Genealogy. The modern Bulldog Breed History started with the first Bulldog Clubs and is mainly formed from the Bulldog Champions winners in the Dog Expos. The Bulldog Kennels with a lead role in tha last years could be Ocobo Kennel, Britishpride Kennel and Lynmans Kennel. These important selections are present in all the Dogs of The Bulldog International Research Center. Historically, the Bulldog Breed lives in a dualism between selections directed toward the appreciation of the good looks and others directed toward the maintenance of the traditional Bulldog. The Bulldog International Research Center tries to bring forward both types of selection. The Bulldog Breed lives in a dualism between selections directed toward the appreciation of the good looks and others directed toward the maintenance of the traditional Bulldog

    The Bulldog Breed is a whole of dogs with shared abilities that are differents from the other group of dogs, distinctive of the Bulldog Breed. Bulldog is a name of a Breed originated in UK. Bulldog is also the National Symbol of the Britanic Islands. The definition of the Bulldog Breed belong from its ancient History, meaning the whole of dogs with the ability, specific of the breed, in the Sport of Bull-Baiting. The meaning of this definition is the courage. While the aggressivity in an ability of other wholes of dogs, the Terriers, specific to hunt rats or to fight between dogs. Bulldog means courage and Terrier means aggressivity. The Bulldog is described for the first time in England as a dog able to attract the interest of the Aristocratic Class, Kings, Queens and Writers because of its courage. Between them the Queen Elizabeth the First and William Shakespeare. The Bulldog is a Dog with a strong Body of compact forms respect to the other Dog Breeds. Bulldog Hypertype means a Dog with strong Body and hypercompact forms, that is with shortest Legs, shortest Trunk, shortest Neck and shortest Head. Today's Bulldog maintains its definition of courageous dog becoming the representative of different Sport Teams. The Official Bulldog Standard of the F.C.I. is enacted by the English Kennel Club. 

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    The Bulldog Breeding Program, To evaluate Bulldogs, Ordinary selection done in the Bulldog Kennels,Overall conformity to the Standard!!!

    In the Bulldog Kennels, usually, the best Bulldogs are dedicated to protect the qualities of the Breed in accordance with the Official Standard enacted by the English Kennel Club. To evaluate Bulldogs the breeder takes into consideration the number of merits or the number af vaults, being two different things. Usually the bulldog breeders select the females looking at the number af vaults and the males looking at the number of merits. I can give the example of the ordinary selection done in the Bulldog Kennels regarding Striker
    and Polly Flinders!!!
    Striker and usually all the Bulldog males are selected for the beauty of the head, while the Bulldog female maintains the duty to keep the right proportion. The Bulldog International Research Center was directed towards a great effort also in the field of the way of walking that is the matter to select I acquired from the best Bulldog Breeders of the History of the Breed represented in these pages. Striker is in a prominet position because of the merits of the first impression called typicalness while Polly Flinders is remarkable because of its overall conformity to the Standard. The Bulldog Breeding Program is not easy because of the substantial differences between the above selections. Selecting only the typicalness, in the long time, the Kennel will present unhealthy Bulldogs going away from the Standard. 

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    The Exact Bulldog!!!

    There different Opinions about The Exact Bulldog, some Bulldog Breeder thinks tha the Exact Bulldog is the Show Bulldog and another Bulldog Breeder thinks than the Exact Bulldog was the Philo Kuon Bulldog of the First Bulldog Breed Standard. I have Breeded Both at the Highest Level is More an Exact Bulldog Striker or is more an Exact Bulldog Tully? They are different and is Difficult to choice is true than also today, after 150 Years the Bulldog Standard find more qualities in the Philo Kuon Bulldog than in the Show Bulldog.  

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    Bulldog Type Breeds!!!

    A part from the Philo Kuon Bulldog and the Show Bulldog who can be also 2 Brothers of the Same Litter with the same Pedigree All other Types of Bulldogs Breeds are created by Bulldog Breeder mixing the Bulldog with other Dog Breeds. To use the Bulldog mix to create New Dog Breeds is an Ancient Habit of the Dog Breeders from the Time of the Boxer Birth. In this Bulldog Website there is a large part dedicated to the Bulldog Type Breeds. Also the American Bulldog and the French Bulldog are Bulldog Breeds coming from the Original Pure Breed Bulldog.     

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    American Bulldog Blood Lines!!!

    Scott Johnson!!!
    • There are 2 American Bulldog Lines the Heavy Johnson Line and the more Sportive Scott Line. The American Bulldog arrived to USA in the 18th Century and is not changed so Much, remaining to be a Strong Bulldog and a Big Bulldog, who can also spending his Bulldog Life in the Garden of our House, while the English Bulldog must live inside the House!!!

    The Body Structure!!!

    The Body Structure of the Exact Bulldog must be Strong more than Heavy. The Body Structure of the Show Bulldog develop faster than that one of the Philo Kuon Bulldog also if are 2 Bulldog Brothers. The Show Bulldog has a Tipical Bulldog Structure already in the Bulldog Puppy Age, while the Philo Kuon Bulldog become a Strong Bulldog slowly when is an Adult Bulldog. 

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    Fighting Dogs!!! Ancient Bull-baiting!!!

    The History of Documented Bull Baiting start on the 13th Century, when a Very Important Person saw The Fighter Bulldog killing a Bull and decided to make the Bull Baiting as a Bulldog Show. The Origin of the Bulldog Standard were in the beginning of the 19th Century when the Pure Breed Bulldog became an Animal at Risk of Extinction. After some year Philo Kuon in the middle of the 19th Century trough a Famous Bulldog Painting tried ti give a New Birth to the almost Extinted Bulldog Breed!!!

    • So Breed to get the Best Bulldog you have in your Mind. You Know what you want much better than the others. The good Breeder Knows very well the Bulldog Pedigrees and also than for the Good Bulldog Selection is very experieced to prepare the Bulldog Whelp, giving the Correct Diet to the Pregnant Bitch, finding good Veterinarians for the Bulldog Artificial Insemination and the Bulldog Caesarian Section. The good Bulldog Breeder has to reduce the High Mortality of his Bulldog Litters!!!
  • Philo Kuon!!!

    Between the 12th century and the 18th century the Bulldog changed a lot because of ininterrupted improvements and crossings with other english breeds reaching its most perfect form during the second half of the 18th century. In this period the Bulldog started to be sold and exported outside England and the number of Bulldogs started to decrease rapidly. In 1820 the Bulldog was already considered near to extinction. Philo Kuon tried to reconstruct the extinct dog breed between 1850 and 1860 going by a famous paint of A. Cooper of Rosa and Crib, painted in 1817 or in 1811. Philo Kuon tried to reconstruct the extinct dog breed between 1850 and 1860 going by a famous paint of A. Cooper of Rosa and Crib, painted in 1817 or in 1811!!!

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    Bulldog Care!!!

    The Bulldogs are Dogs who need a comfortable Habitat caring about hot weather. The Bulldog is actually adapted to live in small or normal flats. Considerable advantages in the Bulldog Care are produced by the diffusion of air conditioners and funs. Because of this new technology the breed can acclimatize well even in the southern european countries. Anyway England remains the preferible windly Habitat for Bulldogs. The originary Bulldog came from Lincolshire a windly, flat region on the North Sea. Bulldog stands very well the winter time. The correct habitat of Bulldogs in Kennels is the small breeding not far from the breeder. Buying a Bulldog the new owner has to think about the correct habitat to don't find difficulties in summer time. The comfort in the Bulldog Breed means a windly, fresh habitat, the rest is not so much important. To think about a windly, fresh habitat is the first step to keep a bulldog, getting ready a little England wherever you are. The new Bulldog Standard is trying to reduce the Bulldog's handicaps but the Bulldog breeders need time to give a substantial variation to their old selections.

    • Mostly studies belong the Bulldog from the ancient Roman Dogs crossed in England with Britannic Dogs. The first description of the modern Bulldog started in the 13th century. The Bulldog appeared in a letter written in 1632. In that period Bull-baiting gave popularity to Bulldogs because of its qualities defeating Bulls in the English Arenas. Near to extinction, in 1835, an English Act stopped forever the fights between Dogs and Bulls. Until that age Bulldogs were mostly property of the Aristocratic Class and were bred to give Prestige and Popularity. The Victorian Age, the Industrial Revolution, the Breed Standard, the Bulldog Clubs and the Expo changed Bulldogs into a Show Dog bred by Breeders. Britannic Empire had a tradition to bring in the country from the farest lands every kind of strange animals for Shows and in the English Houses. Amazing Animals arrived in England and, maybe, because of this reason also Bulldogs became Dogs with an impressive Aspect named Hypertype. The Size of the Bulldog's Head and the Proportion of the Head respect to the Body became the Rule to win in the Bulldog's Show!!!
  • Peter Beautifull!!!

    The Official Standard is emanated by the English Kennel Club. From the last years of the 19th century there were two types of Bulldog, the low one with a big head and the traditional Bulldog that maintained the capability to move and breath. In the cities the Hypertype was preferred to live in small or normal habitats while in the countries was still bred the Traditional Bulldog. The Bulldog's Standard is closer to the Traditional Bulldog while in the Expo the winner became the amazing Bulldog bred for Shows. But the Bulldog's Standard written by Philo Kuon describes the Original Bulldog who move and breath enough well. Because of this reason the Bulldog Champions started to be, until today, far enough from the Standard Description. The most Presents Bulldogs of the last century were Peter Beautifull and Allithorne Resolution!!!

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    Allithorne Resolution!!!
    • The first one became the ideal progestor of the Bulldog Females and the second became the ideal progestor of the Bulldog Males. Strictly belonging from two different Bulldogs the Bulldog Breed is considered to be that one who maintains the higher difference between Females and Males both in Behaviour as in the Aspect. Bulldog Females are Beauty and good Guardian Dogs maintaining the peculiar qualities of Peter Beautiful. The daughter of Peter Beautifull was crossed with Allithorne Resolution founding the Breed as we know in the contemporary times. The Bulldog History became from that moment the History of the different Bulldog Bloodlines, that one who won in the English Shows. Between the most famous English Bloodlines are situated that one who gave birth to The Bulldog International Reserch Center Selection such as Tuffnuts Bloodline and Ocobo Bloodline. Tuffnuts Snow Angel was the first Dog of The Bulldog International Reserch Center on 1996 and was crossed with Ch. Ocobo Pearly Boy on August 7, 2000 giving birth on Octuber 9, 2000 to Tuffnuts Snow Angel Snow Angel, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Polly Flinders, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Striker, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Tully, Tuffnuts Snow Angel Jubilant and Tuffnuts Snow Angel Living Legend. All the Bulldogs of The Bulldog International Reserch Center are direct descendants of these unforgettable Champions.


    	Selecting Bulldog is the first step of the activity of the Bulldog Breeders. Because of this reason to start the activity usually the Bulldog breeders got the advices of experienced Bulldog Breeders. Bulldog Breeders have to direct their efforts towards the best selection to improve the Bulldog breed making attention to don't lose the tipical features of the Breed. Breeding Bulldogs it is not easy to maintain all the qualities of the first Bulldog and it is still more difficult to better its features, also for this fact the first two bulldogs described in the Bulldog Standard will remain the ideal Bulldogs. The more used method of the best Bulldog Breeders to evite this natural tendency is to share out the Bulldogs into two different selections, the first selection for comercial purposes and keeping a small selection that maintains the feautures of the first Bulldog. 

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    Learn about the duties of the Bulldog Breeders!!! How to maintain the Features of the Ideal Bulldogs described in the Bulldog Standard!!!

    • It sounds as if the Bulldog could be a Dog different from the others, but is not so. The Bulldog is well-disposed with Humans and its Behaviour is comprable with that one of the other dogs. In the Life inside the Herd, for example in the Kennels, the Bulldog Shows its need to find a place in the Hierarchical System as well all the other Dogs. The Appearance of Bulldogs is the result of a long time selection accomplished in the matter "it sound as if", but is not true. In fact this kind of selection by Bulldog Breeders "it sound as if" started just when the Bulldog became a Metropolitan Dog leaving his primitive Habitat in the countries. Rosa and Crib were described in the famous paint of the 19th century living in the country and their appearance was similar to that one of the other dogs of that times. When the Bulldog stopped to be an Utility Dog the Bulldog Breeder started their selection giving to it an Appearance that could remember the way in which some Bulldog was used mostly in the 18th century. The Popularity of the Dog belong mostly from Painters of the 18th century that found the fights with Bulls as something to rend their paintings easier to sell, was a Style. A. Cooper whose Style was different, giving importance to a Photographic Style never describes the Bulldog during a fight but describes him very quiete living in the country!!!

    Merits And Faults!!!

     For Science of Bulldog Breeding I mean the whole of knowledge acquired through Researches done with strict rules in different sectors related to the Bulldog Breeding!!!
    Bulldogs are a Breed of Dogs belonging in England to the Utility Dogs and in the F.C.I. classification to the Molossoid Breeds. Between the merits of the today's Bulldog there is a good compatibility to the life in flats, between the bodily defects there is a scarce compatibility to live outdoor in summer time. The merits of Bulldogs are mostly due to their extreme beauty such as their defects are mostly deflected from their beauty. The head is beautiful, the body is beautiful but is not functional, such as the eyes, the mouth, the neck, the tail, the legs, the trunk, the compactness. The Bulldog behavior must be considered as normal respect to the other dogs, without particular merits and without particular defects. The Bulldog defects provoke difficulties to the breeders and to the owners mostly in summer time. The Bulldog merits make easier their care in winter time and in low temperatures. 

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    The Bulldog International Research Center!!!

    Photographic Standard!!!
    • The Bulldog Photographic Standard by The Bulldog International Research Center in a new way to learn the Bulldog's Standard without words. All the Images come from the The Bulldog International Research Center archive and all the Bulldog in the 100 Photos are breeded by The Bulldog International Research Center. With these 100 photos become easier to understand deeply the meaning of the Bulldog Breed, the development of the shapes and the different forms that can take Bulldogs inside the Standard. The Bulldog Standard is not changed so much while the shape of bulldogs in the last 150 years developed in many forms, but all inside the same standard. Looking at the 100 images published by The Bulldog International Research Center this concept of the Breed with different dogs in the same standard becomes clear. Because of this reason it is not possible to make a classification underlining who is the best Champion, they are all Champions of the same Breed with different somatic qualities. Someone looks better in the front view and others are better in the lateral view. Someone moves better and others had a beautifull shape without moving. The Bulldog Photographic Standard is a matter to explain the good work done by the The Bulldog International Research Center beside the Standard from 1996 since now!!!

    Criterion!!! The way of walking, the capability to breath and the compliance to the Standard!!!

    Bulldog Breeders have to follow the Criterion fixed by the English Kennel Club useful to measure every Bulldog by the same yardstick during the Official Expos. The Official Expos are useful to avoid the misinterpration of the Standard often occured in the Bulldog Breed. The misinterpretation of the Bulldog Standard brought on Deseases and to lose many important Characteristics mostly in the way of walking and in the capability to breath..
    English Bulldog Breeders knowing the Breed better than the other breeders started to select different bloodlines giving their personal interpretation of Bulldogs founding a lot of Bulldog Clubs. Every English Bulldog Club organizes an annual Expo supporting his own position. The Bulldog International Research Center supports the interpretation of the breed supplied with the Tuffnuts Kennel of Mr. Les Thorpe, years ago, Secretary and President of the British Bulldog Club. I think the English Bulldog Breeder that more than any other maintained a strict conformity to the Standard, the English Bulldog Breeder that acquired the deepest knowledge of the Breed. Because of these reasons the way of walking, the capability to breath and the compliance to the Standard of my Bulldogs is different from each other Contemporary Bulldog Breeding. 


    The Research about the truth of Bulldog Breed by The Bulldog International Research Center started on 1996 with Tuffnuts Snow Angel the dog of Mr. Les Thorpe, Secretary and President of the British Bulldog Club, I think the best English Bulldog Breeder. The work of The Bulldog International Research Center started maintaining as departure this hypothesis of work. Because of this reason the studies conducted by The Bulldog International Research Center about the Bulldog Breed could be considered as a travel inside the Tuffunuts Breeding. I founded out an unbelievable work done by Mr. Les Thorpe during 50 years and I just tried to don't lose it without missing the opportunity to have the best Bulldogs all over the world, the Tuffnuts Bulldogs. In fact the Affix of The Bulldog International Research Center is Tuffnuts Snow Angel.

    With Tuffnuts Bulldogs every day the Bulldog Breeder discovers interesting things about the Bulldog Breed unknown to the other Kennels. So the merit of the dogs represented in the pictures of this site is due to 50 years of trhe best work by Mr. Les Thorpe. The only problem the Breeder has breeding Tuffnuts Bulldogs is the envy. Resuming the research of The Bulldog International Research Center, more than anything, is a research to find out 50 years of work by Mr. Les Thorpe!!!

    The Bulldog International Reserach Center gives a Complete Description of the Bulldog supported by the Photographic Standard!!!

    The Bulldog Breed is a section of the Utility Breed Group. There are references of a Bulldog as a distinct Breed since 1630. The Bulldog was bred by Aristocratic class without commercial purposes until 1860. Since this time is been bred by Breeders for Canine Expos. The Bulldog bred by Breeders maintains a lot of qualities of the Bulldog bred by Aristocratic class mostly an high tolerance to pain. The Bulldog needs a close monitoring by the owner, anywaw my Bulldogs never needed special Vet Care. The Bulldog of the Bulldog International Research Center goes to the Vet just for normal Care. The Bulldog needs a close monitoring by the owner because of the squared head but not for an unhealthy condition!!! The Wrinkle and Nose roll when are pronounced require a daily cleaning to keep them dry, the Ears need to be cleaned when become dark inside. The short coat ia always shiny and rarely need to be brushed. The white Bulldog has a tendency to lose more hairs than the red one. The white Bulldog has to avoid stages under the sun while the red one coat support the sun much better.The Bulldog is white because is its traditional coat, but is a mistake ta talk about albinism in white bulldogs. The White Bulldog maintains black eyes to demonstrate that the white coat do not reflect albinism. The blue eye reflects albinism in the white and the red Bulldog. The traditional Bulldog should be white with black eyes and a little red spot around the ears or the eyes!!!

    The Bulldog Breed represents a sector of the Utility Dogs. Anyway the Bulldog now is considerable as a Dog without a specific function. The sector considered as its natural habitat are small places and fresh weather. The Bulldog females are good guardians more often than the opposite sex. The Bulldog is included in the Brachycephalic Breeds because of its squared head. The Bulldog Club is a sector of the Kennel Club. The characteristics of the breed should be specifics, for example the way of walking, and not similars to other similar dog breeds. The Bulldog is good for owners who don't like to walk a lot. In summer is better to walk with bulldogs less as possible. The Bulldog because of its beauty got an important sector inside the Dog Expos. Anyway because of its slow way of walking rarely wins the Best in Show. In this sector The Bulldog International Research Center got the satisfaction to breed Bulldogs with a fast and correct way of walking able to rival with the other Dog Breeds in the Best in Show!!! 


    The Bulldog Standard is enacted by the British Kennel Club, then is approved by the F.C.I. The Official Bulldog Standard is published on the web page Smooth-coated, fairly thick set, rather low in stature, broad, powerful and compact......The new Standard is similar to the old standard avoiding the accentuations removing the word "very". The Gait in the Dog Breeds is to be considered of the utmost importance.......Appearing to walk with short, quick steps on tips of toes, hind feet not lifted high, appearing to skim ground, running with one or other shoulder rather advanced. Soundness of movement of the utmost importance...... The Gait in the Dog Breeds is the expession of the correct Standard. When the Bulldog move in the correct way every particular of its body is to be considered correct. The Bulldog Standard boast noble origins extracted by the paint of Rosa and Crib in the 19th century and remained without substantial changes. The Symmetry of the Head is also important: Distance from inner corner of eye (or from centre of stop between eyes) to extreme tip of nose should not be less than distance from tip of the nose to edge of the underlip......Viewed from front, the various properties of the face must be equally balanced on either side of an imaginary line down centre.....The Black Coat is a Characteristic of the French Bulldog and is forbidden in the English Bulldog to differentiate the two Dog Breeds as the Ears!!!